Sarajean Rossitto, Tokyo-based nonprofit NGO consultant, facilitates workshops, close upseminars and projects aimed at developing skills, organizational capacity understanding of global issues and effective partnerships.

MY NEW WEBSITE CAN BE FOUND HERE https://sarajeanrossitto.wordpress.com/

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Looking for ways to improve your nonprofit NGO’s capacity? Looking to motivate your staff through community involvement? Looking for ways to get involved in community work? Drop me a line using the comment box below.

Interested in new employee training programs or workshops? I am working on new training programs for professionals new to international development and NGOs. Contact me for more information.

Upcoming workshops and classes: http://wp.me/p2CfAL-3V

Examples of programs from the last few years

April 2017 – events I will be speaking at

New programs from 2017

Give2Asia – I will be working with G2A to promote CSR in Japan. http://www.give2asia.org/

Winter 2017

Sept ~ Dec 2016 TUJ course on NGOs and social issues in Japan

April 2016 –7 front for print with link SEVEN

Director Rachel Walzer, and producer Sarajean Rossitto bring to the Tokyo the true stories of seven women who bravely fought for the well-being of women, families, and children around the globe.

March 2016 – online bullying program research

May 2015 ~ present New course on the Sustainable Development goals at TITP

January ~ March  2015 TUJ – TUH US Japan NGO training program – http://www.tuj.ac.jp/news/2015/0108.html (en)

November 2014  – TITP Advocacy campaign development workshop series

November 2014 and 2015 – JSRPD – JICA training program

October 2014 – Japan PlatForm Humanitarian Response Workshop –   capacity development of NGO leaders from Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea committed to disaster response. http://usjapantomodachi.org/2014/11/13953/

2014 ~ 2015 ARI project publications and conference presentations  have been uploaded to the publications page: https://sarajeanr.wordpress.com/publications/

Photo from April 2013 – Japan WiN Conference with FEW Board President :IMG_0469

October 2013 – at the WiN Global Conference in SAVVY Tokyo http://www.savvytokyo.com/womens-international-networking-conference-2013/

November 2013 ~ March 2014 working with Fundrex on a Hiroshima grant proposal support project.

Summer 2013 – joined Peace Boat for a week of workshops on board!  Workshop listings  can be found here.

March 2011 ~ July 2014, Japan Program Adviser for Give 2 Asia assisting in support and fund disbursement to recovery and rebuilding projects in North East Japan.


My regular blog features updates on events, jobs and other social issues news. The blog I created on March 13, 2011 is no longer updated but has old Tohoku relief information.

Tips on giving can be found on You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9nzb36HaMg&feature=related

Spring 2012 interview in the Temple University Japan Campus Newsletter

See the latest info on 2013 workshops.  Articles are also online.

Basic information about my work and what I do:

Workshops:Training for Skill development

  • Through skills-based trainings, Sarajean’s workshops aim to enhance the performance and capacity of international organizations, nonprofits and NGOs. Sarajean collaborates with organizations to assess organizational needs and participants’ know-how, in order to develop unique training programs aimed at achieving organizational goals.

sj-edit-psc2Seminars: Outreach for Public Awareness Raising.

Targeting corporate staff, university students, professional associations and the general public, Sarajean gives presentations on social and global issues aimed deepening knowledge of issues and solutions, while encouraging local community involvement.

Projects: Organization & Network Development

  • Works with organizational leadership to develop collaborative projects, strategic plans for organizational growth and partnerships between international organizations and those in Japan.

Corporate Partnerships with Nonprofits.

  • Sarajean assists corporations develop effective community engagement programs. By providing information and program plans, she serves as a liaison between corporations and local organizations, facilitating sustainable partnership development.

Publications: Support & Development.closeup 3

  • Sarajean has contributed to a better understanding of the Japanese nonprofit NGO sector by writing and editing books, newspaper articles, magazine features and journal articles.

presentingSarajean’s background: Before working independently, Sarajean spent four years coordinating the bilateral exchange of nonprofit professionals between the US and Japan for Japan-US Community Education & Exchange (JUCEE). She also worked for 6 years with the Tokyo YMCA. Sarajean holds a Columbia University Masters of International Affairs degree with a focus on human rights in East Asia and an undergraduate degree in Sociology.

Contact :Use the comment box to contact Sarajean with your questions or comments. Let’s see how we can work together!


2 thoughts on “Home

    Shizuka Kumagai said:
    June 26, 2016 at 3:39 pm

    Dear Sara,

    Hello, my name is Shizuka Kumagai, one of a member of NonProfit Organization
    Motherlink・Japan at Rikuzentakata-city,Iwate pref.
    We’re the organization to support single-parent families and their children around the
    damaged area in north east of Japan.
    And we’d just started running free-school for the children who are
    suffering from the disaster or anything.
    Actually this school is a place for single-parent families who are suffering by poverty.
    They can leave their children in our care while they’re working, and they can eat here for free.
    There’re so many children who can’t go to school or even can’t go out
    from their home because of their suffer from the disaster or anything.

    Now we’re working on the new project that children who are suffered by the
    disaster do home stay at the families from overseas, and living in
    Tokyo, in this summer.
    the purposes of this project are
    ・ To keep the children of single-parent family off the loneliness in
    the summer vacation.
    ・ To simulate experience the life of foreign countries in the families
    from overseas.

    We’re looking for the families who can accept the children.
    And we’re just wondering that if you can help to ask the volunteers.
    Would you please help us to tell people about this project or just give us a hint how to tell

    We’re so sorry for bothering you, but thank you for reading this.


    NonProfit Organization Motherlink・Japan
    Shizuka Kumagai

      sarajeanr said:
      June 27, 2016 at 1:21 pm

      Hello Shizuka
      I will share this information with the leadership of FEW a women’s group in tokyo.
      Let me get back to you later this week.

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