Organization & Network Development

closeup 2Sarajean works with nonprofit NGO leaders to develop partnerships, projects, events and strategic plans. She has worked with Boards of Directors to help identify external and internal challenges and opportunities in order to help design effective strategies for organizational development. Sarajean encourages participatory planning and decision-making to generate effective collaboration.

Based on her experience facilitating collaborative, US-Japan nonprofit projects, Sarajean has a developed a strong network in the Japanese nonprofit NGO sector. She continues to focus on partnership development projects, linking the Japanese nonprofit sector with corporations, international organizations and the general public. Sarajean works with organizations to identify collaboration possibilities and strategies for partnership development designed to meet the needs of organizations involved.

Sarajean has also coordinated several networking, and public education events, with audiences ranging from 13 to 300 and coordinated project teams of 2 to webs photo

Since November 2013 Sarajean has been working with Fundrex on a funding suppport project. more details to follow.

Since Janaury 2013 Sarajean has been working with the Asian Rural Institute in Tochigi Prefecture on an evaluation of their rural leaders training program. Two graduate students from Sophia University, Lisette Robles and Jack Lichten, have been working as research assistants helping with in all aspects of the review. The research team has been interviewing Graduates, staff and 2013 Participants. With the generous support from the Fetzer Institute, we have initiated a long term project to analyze the training based on the participants’ and graduates’ experiences. More information

Since March 2011, Sarajean has been serving as the Japan Program Adviser for Give 2 Asia assisting in support and fund disbursement to recovery and rebuilding projects in North East Japan. Case studies and Examples of work we support:

Local Fisher Working to Rebuild Tohoku

Winter 2011-2012 report on Tohoku recovery issues

Tohoku 2 Years Later: Ongoing Recovery Work – PDF

Examples of past projects and events

Organizational development and support

* Facilitation of fundraising committee planning sessions.

TAC Women’s Group (2010)

* Facilitation of organizational planning sessions for the development of a 5-year plan

Tokyo ARK, (2009-2010)

* Facilitation of strategic planning session aimed at long-term organizational development

Asia Initiatives Japan (2008)

* Facilitation of nonprofit incorporation process

Tokyo English Life Line (TELL), 2006

Partnership development and coordination

Tokyo representative for the development of Japan-US fellowship program

Japan Women’s Leadership Project, 2006-2007

NGO Liaison for Global Campaign against TB

RESULTS Japan, 2006

International nonprofit internship placement program coordination

IE3, Global Internship Program, since 2005

Coordinating collaborative projects of Japan-US non-profit NGOs

Japan US Community Education and Exchange, 2001-2004

Event coordination and volunteer support

Tsuda International Development Seminars, Organizer and moderator of quarterly seminars featuring NGO speakers on specific current issues. Since 2009.

PSC (People for Social Change, Tokyo-based volunteer support network)

10 Intensive Forums, 10 nonprofit networking events, 3 film events & 2 fundraising parties, since 2005.


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