Outreach for Public Awareness Raising

close up 4Sarajean runs a wide array of social and global issues-themed seminars for those hoping to deepen their understanding of issues and means for tackling current problems. Targeting corporate staff, university students, professional association members and the general public, Sarajean has conducted seminars introducing issues such as trafficking, human rights, the Millennium Development Goals, gender-based violence, and the Japanese nonprofit sector with the aim of fostering active community engagement.

Information on upcoming sessions.

Issue-based courses for public awareness raising:

Tsuda Open School – Adult education program

Tsuda International Training Program

Training program for persons pursuing careers in international development

Courses on the Millennium Development Goals (Since 2007), Gender Issues in International Development (Since 2010).

* Next Information Sessions.

Temple University, Japan Campus, School of Continuing Education

Certificate Program in NGO Management

Courses on Human Rights, the Millennium Development Goals, and The Japanese Nonprofit Sector (Since 2003)

* Next Information Session

Examples of past audiences and presentations

American Chamber of Commerce Japan, CSR committee – The History of the Japanese nonprofit sector (2006). Revitalizing Tohoku Event (April 2012)

Osaka University,  Graduate seminar series, Guest Speaker, Workshop for International Career development (March 2012)

Tokyo Planning Forum, Inaugural Forum, Presentation, The role of international donors (December 2011)

Peace Boat, Symposium 6 months after the Tohoku disaster ,Guest Speaker, What we can do together  (Fall 2011)

Temple University,  Japan Campus, Wakai Project, NGO Panel Discussion Moderator, To Tohoku: Rebuilding Japan (July 2011)

Meiji University, Environmental Economics Course, Guest speaker – The development of INGOs and role of NGOs in the Environment. (January 2011)

Kyoto University, Global Environmental Studies Course, Guest speaker – Advocacy and the role of  NGOs in advocating for the environment. (June 2011) Information and Education for Behaviour Change (June 2012)

Sophia University, NGO Management Course, Guest speaker – Roles and Functions of NGOs; IEC for Behaviour Modification (2010) Disasters and the role of NGOs (June 2012)

Rikkyo University – Guest speaker – Poverty today: what can you do? (2010)

Women English Language Learners (WELL) Annual Retreat, Keynote speaker – Volunteer in Japan? Yes you can! (2008).

img_0568Aoyama Gakuen – Guest speaker – Youth can make a difference (2009) Introduction to trafficking in persons in Japan (2007).

Yokohama City University – Guest speaker – Introduction to the Japanese nonprofit sector (2007).

International School of the Sacred Heart – Guest speaker – Working in the nonprofit sector and how you can get involved. (2007).

Ernst and Young, Volunteer Committee – Introduction to the Japanese nonprofit sector (2006).img_0574

English workshops and presentations

Issue-based seminars and workshops (1-3 hours)

An introduction to the Japanese nonprofit NGOs

Incorporating as a nonprofit in Japan

Being an educated consumer – smart shopping and fair trade

Trafficking in persons

Global campaigns for gender equality

Conflict resolution – talking about peace is not enough

Disaster prevention and relief

The Millennium Development Goals

Volunteering in Japan – how you can get involved

Understanding hunger and poverty through simulations

Intensive seminar series (16-25 hours)

Current social issues in Japan and how nonprofits tackle them

Tackling the Millennium Development Goals

Global issues & how NGOs deal with local problems

Introduction to Human Rights Issues


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