Corporate partnership

with nonprofits in Japan.

Sarajean provides information and program options to assist corporations develop effective community engagement programs.  By serving as a liaison, she works with corporations and nonprofits to develop collaborative projects with the goal of creating long-term sustainable relationships.

close up 5* Besides the programs and projects listed below, Sarajean has been advising international companies on nonprofits organizations to support for the disaster relief and  community rebuilding efforts in the North Eastern part of Japan.  Please use the comment box below to find out more.

CSR and community engagement have become buzz words but many are not sure where to start. Many companies want to be more involved in Japan-based organizations, but staff members are often too busy to engage actively in outreach.MS niigata JEN

Particularly here in Japan, where there is little fluidity between nonprofit and for-profit job markets, we tend to speak and organize out work in different ways. The gap between the sectors makes communication sometimes difficult.

Corporate staff members are also sometimes concerned about finding reliable organizations for collaboration. Sarajean works with nonprofit NGOs she has known over time and those she has found to be reputable.


There are wide array of program possibilities: staff volunteer programs, grant-making program development, in-house seminars, staff outings, nonprofit tours and event support. Sarajean can assist your company come up with a program that works for your staff, time frame and budget. An initial consultation takes approximately 2 hours and in this time she can work with your staff to assess possibilities. This is followed up with a proposal outlining various program options.

Past projects and clients

Corporate-community engagement program development

Forte Science Communications, Inc. 2009-2010, Community service day and grant-in-aid program development.

The Gap Japan & Tokyo Shure – 2008-2009, introduction leading to project funding and support.

Morgan Stanley – 2006 – program facilitation

– Staff trip to Niigata for a post-earthquake community assistance program with JEN

-Staff social event involving people with disabilities from Palette

Seminar coordination

– The Asia Foundation, Japan Office, 2006 CSR seminars coordination

– Standard Chartered Bank, 2003 Facilitated in-house seminars involving 6 nonprofit NGOs in the areas of staff interest.

Providing information and advice for community engagement program development

– New City, 2007

Giving presentations introducing the Japanese nonprofit sector

– Ernst and Young, Volunteer Committee, 2006

– American Chamber of Commerce Japan, CSR Committee

Sarajean is contacted regularly for general information and consultation. A wide array of nonprofit nongovernmental organizations have been introduced to date.

* Japan-based nonprofit NGOs: If your organization wants to be introduced please contact Sarajean for an informational meeting so that you can be added to her database. Please use the information box below.


One thought on “Corporate partnership

    Briar Simpson Tokyo ARK said:
    June 8, 2009 at 5:32 pm

    Dear Sarajean

    Would it be possible to include ARK, the animal refuge, in your database for Japan-based nonprofits. We have been registerd as an NPO since 1999 and are in the process of applying for certification.

    Best regards

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