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Writing and editing books, newspaper articles, magazine features and journal articles has contributed to a better understanding of the Japanese nonprofit NGO sector and current social issues. Sarajean also supports Japanese academics researching social issues or nonprofit NGOs in Japan, with the development of their English language publications,  and presentations. For more information send a note using the comment box below.

Authored works

2014-15 ARI project publications and conference presentationsBridging the Grassroots Booklet JP copy

*** Final project report (May 2015)

Bridging the Grassroots Booklet (English)

草の根の架け橋 Bridging the Grassroots Booklet JP (日本語 )


Sophia Flier - page 1






*** April 28, 2015 public event materials

Presentation handout

20150428 @ Sophia ARI Fetzer Study slideshow handout


The International Conference in Education, Research and Innovation (October 2014) Proceedings including papers and presentations:


Presentation slides: Rossitto 1055 Bridging the Grassroots


Presentation slides: Servant leadership training 1058 Rossitto


S Rossitto Bridging the Grassroots copy

The Inaugural Asian Symposium on Equity and Social Justice (October 2014)

Hiroshima  ESJ Asia – Virtual presentation on Monday Oct 27

Presentation: Hiroshima conference ESJ Rossitto 201410 to share



Other articles and presentation materials:

FEW March 12, 2015



Unequal impact: Gender in disasters

FEW Monthly meeting (March 2015)

FEW Presentation March 12, 2015 final


AIA Dec 09 Rossitto p.1

Signs of hope: the change of government in Japan may have a positive impact in human rights, Human Rights Defender

published by Amnesty International Australia

(Winter 2009-2010)

JEN: A Tokyo-based NGO provides disaster relief and build communities around the world Metropolis (Feb 4, 2010)



Resolve to get involved this new year

The Japan Times,

Zeit Gist Column, January 19, 2010

Get involved your actions count

HESO Magazine, with Marcie Kameta, March/April 2008


Freelancing in the nonprofit NGO Sector

Career Development Guide, FEW, December 2007


The Japan Times, 2007 Zeit Gist Columns Get involved & make a difference, Sept 11, 2007
Good news on the Nonprofit Sector, Sept 18, 2007

How to get involved and make a difference despite the challenges
, Being A Broad Magazine, September 2007.

Advocacy in Japan, published in The NPO Guide book English language book on key issues facing the Japanese nonprofit sector, published by The Japan Foundation, (2007).

Articles in the American Chamber of Commerce Japan Journal, monthly
The Philanthropic Partnership: Businesses & nonprofits, despite differences, can learn to cooperate. October 2005.
Business matters, interview with Simon Spencer, July 2005.

Articles published in (Working and committing oneself professionally to nonprofit organizations), published by JUCEE, Shinpusya Publications, 2004.
* NPO houseitei no katei toso no jyuyousei (The significance of the process of the NPO Law development)
* Kusa no ne katsudo wo tsunagu: naze gurobaru ni kangae, rokaru ni koudou suru hitsuyou ga aru no ka (Bridging the grassroots: Why its important to think globally while acting locally)
Originals in Japanese, with major editing by Tominaga Yukiho.

Recent developments in the evolution of Japanese NGO’s – old file


Sarajean wrote a series of blog postings to help donors who want to support Japan. There area many things to consider when giving cash or material donations – be an educated donor! On You Tube.

A Tokyo-based Social Issues Champion Offers her New Year’s Advice

Metropolis Global Village, Interview January 5, 2007, Issue 667

Keeping on keeping on — her way to social change By ANGELA JEFFS The Japan Times, Saturday, Nov. 25, 2006

Sarajean Rossitto: NPO Champion Metropolis – Face and Places
January 27, 2006, Issue 618

American Chamber of Commerce Japan Journal, monthly magazine, Speaking of CSR: Roundtable discussion reveals a swirl of unresolved issues. December 2005

JUCEE 2004 closeup

Editing works:

Community Service Directory 2011, published by FEW (October 2011)

Community Service Directory 2010, published by FEW (May 2010)

For-profit and Nonprofit Dynamics and Providers’ Failures: The Long-Term Care Insurance System in Japan,  Article  by Yuko Suda, (forthcoming, winter 2010).

The Long-Term Care Insurance System in Japan,  Article  by Yuko Suda, featured in Japan Social Science Journal, (forthcoming, winter 2009).

The Japanese NPO: Not just an institution but a vision, Article and presentation by Yuko Suda, featured in Japan Social Science Journal, (September, 2008).

Strategies Created and Dilemmas Experienced under the Long-Term Care Insurance System, Article by Yuko Suda, featured in Japan Social Science Journal, (September 2006).

Migration and Human Trafficking in Sub-Saharan Africa: Exploring the Gender and Poverty Cycle, Chapter 2 of Human Trafficking and Racism, published by IMADR, (December 2006).

Handbook on Japanese Nonprofits and NGOs, English language book on key issues facing the Japanese nonprofit sector, published by The Japan Foundation, (Fall 2006).

Program Development Resource Guide (Japanese & English); published by JUCEE, 2004.

Nichibei Pathfinding Opportunity Program Annual Project Reports, Bridging the Grassroots Vol. 1~ 3, Japan-US NPO Collaborations, published by JUCEE, 2002 – 2004.


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